Wednesday, June 11, 2003

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

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The blog still sucks but it sucks less. Lots of work to do on the new one, but I like the new home...

Thanks to all of my loyal readers - If it were not for you, the blog would suck more.

It's a Process, Acidman

It will take a while, but I am finally moving off of blogspot. Many, many, many thanks to Dean - He is running a jihad of massive proportions. We'll see how it goes, but I should be moved over by the end of the week. Archives? Who knows? Who cares?

Monday, June 09, 2003

Empire Maker

No, I am not into horse racing. Mark sent a solid article from the WSJ-Online, and it is easy to sympathize with the views expressed in the conclusion:

The Victorian historian J.R. Seeley famously joked that the British had "conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind." The Americans have gone one better. The greatest empire of modern times has come into existence without the American people even noticing. This is not absence of mind. It is mass myopia.

Unfortunately, this myopia is one of the things that makes the American empire very different from -- and, I believe, less effective than -- the last great Anglophone empire, the British one. Americans have no qualms about sending their troops to fight in faraway countries. But they expect wars to be short and the casualty list to be even shorter. Since the war in Iraq officially ended, 40 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives, some as a result of terrorist attacks. Already there is a queasiness about this. When can our boys come home?

The realistic answer is: not for at least five years, the minimum duration of occupation that will stabilize Iraq. And if the British experience of governing Iraq after World War I is anything to go by, 40 years might be more realistic. Alas, nobody in Washington is willing to contemplate a military presence on that time scale. The U.S. may be a "hyperpower," the most militarily powerful empire in history. But it is an empire in denial, a colossus with an attention deficiency disorder. That is potentially very dangerous.

I began on a note of optimism, pointing out just how much has been achieved by the war against Iraq. If Saddam's overthrow marks the beginning of a sustained attempt to build peace in the Middle East, we will have cause to celebrate the advent of this American empire. But if Iraq is just another ephemeral military adventure, then I am filled with foreboding. For the moment America loses interest in what it has initiated, the cycle of terror will resume.

Don't lose interest. How could you lose interest? Vote for Dick Gephardt.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Dr. Luskin is doing his best with the Crimes. I don't know if they'll know how to read this, but I hope they do.

Can You Help Chevy?

GM sucks and they are demonstrating that loudly in IRL competition.

With some of the top teams in the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series mired in the back of the field with engine issues, Chevrolet is taking action to turn around its program before it's too late.

IRL newcomers Toyota and Honda have beaten Chevrolet like a rented mule this season. Faced with a horsepower gap - and an even bigger perception problem - the American automaker is hoping to solve it with European engineering.

Ford needs to get back into Indy competition. If it becomes important to Americans, things will go well.

Governor Holden Says God Wants Tax Increases

I choked on my coffee reading this crap - The Democrat, Holden, wants to increase Missouri state taxes, the Repbublican legislature wants to cut spending, but "by the grace of God," we should never cut spending:

This is a difficult time in Missouri history...and a difficult time for our country. But I truly believe that we'll solve this budget crisis through the wisdom of our people and by the grace of God.

There are moments in our lives when there should be no shame in asking for guidance from a higher authority. At a time of great disagreement among good people, this is one of those moments.

Today, the people of Missouri are a higher authority...and we are their servants. Pass the budget referendum...and let the people decide.

Thank you very much and God bless the great state of Missouri.

That is sick hyperbole. A very sick man.
Help Geoffrey - His brother would be a good mate - Geoffrey should not be feeling this pressure to be a reproduction artist.

It's the Constitution, Stupid!

If you care about the judicial system and the Dims filibuster tactics, you must read this post over at Powerline. This needs to be a huge issue in the '04 election - Educate your neighbors.

The Ball Isn't Bouncing His Way

DJ had the car and he is definitely the driver to win at Pocono, but a cut tire almost cut his health. Go check the picture, he's actually lucky that he got out with a burned hand...

But Schroeder had a wreck in the same turn and his healthy survival is even more amazing. Both of these guys were going 200MPH into turn 1 at Pocono and hit the wall square. It's amazing that they are walking away.

And on the IRL side of the map, Al Unser, Jr. had a nice comeback victory. I am happy for him...

Are the American People Perceptive Enough?

Will they see what my home State Senator sees?

Sen. Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said a congressional investigation of how intelligence was used in the run-up to the war is premature. "There's a little tad bit of politics being played here," Roberts, R-Kan., told CNN's "Late Edition." "I think it's very, very counterproductive."

or wll they listen to the butthead, Levin?

"I think that the nation's credibility is on the line, as well as his," Levin said, referring to Bush. "This nation has got to lead in this world. If we're going to really lead in a war against terrorism, we must have people who believe in us, who, when we say that something is true, believe that it is true.

"And there is real doubt now that that is the case, because there's too much evidence that intelligence was shaded."

It's amazing that anyone votes for Levin - It shows the power of the welfare state. There are obviously enough people getting free goodies from Levin that they wouldn't dare get rid of him. Michigan freeloaders.

I'm with Roberts - Very, very counterproductive.