Saturday, May 10, 2003

90% Are Crap, Part Six

I am bowled over by this guy. An entire site devoted to the concept of Deflation. After reading some of the concepts over there, I know my blog is crap.

In conclusion, for Maynard, I have no idea whose interests Bush has at heart, to understand my 'reading' you don't need to know this, nor do you need to make any evaluations of how competent the administration is at doing anything other than giving a tax cut, running a deficit, and then needing inflation to get out of the mess. Finally if things go well, and there's more growth than anyone else can see in their wildest dreams they can claim the credit. On the other hand, if things don't work out that way, and they run up a big bill together with an inflation bonfire they will be remembered as the administration that died saving America from deflation. Either way they can say: see, we always knew what we were doing. Of course in my book neither of these scenarios will happen, we'll get the deficit and we'll get the deflation (ie the worst of both worlds), but then I'm looking at things in an entirely different way. All I am trying to do here is to give an account of what might otherwise appear to be highly perplexing behaviour, and to suggest that if you really want to have a go at them, you look at the situation from all its various angles - simultaneously.
Edward Hugh at 12:04 PM

What the fuck did that guy just say? I think Den Beste should link to him.

Simple-Minded Liberals - Update

Here is the latest self-assessment from the Socialist crowd:

"It is much harder to be a liberal than a conservative. Why? Because it is easier to give someone the finger than it is to give them a helping hand."

I am officially giving this pinko the finger, but I will gladly lend a hand to deserving parties. The only finger I have been seeing is from leftists who hate everything Bush does. I Have not seen the other fingers. This pinko just wants to steal your money. OOPS, I promised not to talk so much about taxes.

Commander in Chief Being One

No erudite commentary, just go check theImpressive post over at Sgt. Stryker. The pictures help explain the Dims' empty jealousy. And as the Dims continue to harp, we get to reinforce the positive image.

UPDATE: A good cartoon on the subject.
Gardening is more peaceful than blogging; however, my back is sore.

No snow, no tornadoes, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Quite windy but it's a nice day.

Dims Want Washington to Spend
Our Way to a Healthy Economy - It's Wrong.

I enjoy the contrast between these two positions:

"We need at least $550 billion in tax relief over the next decade, big enough to make a real difference in the paychecks of American workers, big enough to help entrepreneurs create more jobs and big enough to give our economy the boost it needs," he [President Bush] said.

In the Democrats' radio response, New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey said such a tax cut would do huge damage to state budgets.

"Every dollar we are in the red is a dollar that we can't invest in our economy, schools that won't be built, bridges that will not be repaired and jobs that won't be created," he said. "Today, 46 states face crippling budget deficits totaling $70 billion."

Every dollar we are in the red would be a good dollar to cut from spending on wasteful programs. The feds spending is well under 10% of schools' budgets. Yes, we need some better highways, but why should my federal tax dollars go to bail out the LEFT coast's governmental mismanagement courtesy of Gray Davis?? Let California voters take care of that problem.

I would not mind a tax increase at the state level to help our state schools, but the feds need to cut taxes to enable some of the economic growth that we need.

I talk too damn much about taxes. I should get back to those Shakespearian monkeys. No, I think I'll get out to the garden before the tornadoes come back to visit this afternoon...
Interesting Discussion via all sorts of pointers on the Bush AWOL story. In the end, the story is tripe. Someday, some truth may come out about it, but it's not like he flew off to England or Canada to avoid the war...

Friday, May 09, 2003

Reuters Headlines

Taranto picks on the Reuters headlines, but this one was quite jarring, don't you think?

"Scores Feared Sucked to Deaths from Congo Jet"

90% Are Crap, Part Cinq

Bleeding Brain {damn permalinks deal so page down if need be} has some good ideas on how to prevent crap blogging, but I am afraid I would fail at living up to the mission statement - It is audacious:


My writing is kinda un-smooth. I read other blogs and the language is real tight and text real clean and the topics super interesting and logic impeccable.


I want bleeding brain to be more like that so I am going to renew...:


From this moment hence....

[1] No blog posted here shall contain speling erors.

[2] No blog posted here shall contain broken links

[3] No blog posted here shall contains grammatical problem

[4] No blog posted here shall attempt before hold indeciferable

[5] No blog posted here shall take cakewalks by using trendy cliches

[6] No blog posted here shall beat a gag to death

[7] No blog posted here shall flog a dead horse

Thank you.

I'll do my best but I just don't see it...


OK, I'm Stuck on the Dasshole Filibuster

Scott Ott, explaining the Dim's problem with the new rules:

New Filibuster Rule Unfairly Targets Democrats
(2003-05-09) -- Senate Republicans plan to push through a new rule on filibusters which Democrats say unfairly targets members of their party.

Rather than reducing the number of votes to break a filibuster, the new rule would require any member engaged in a filibuster to speak exclusively on the theme "Things I Truly Believe." The rules change would also allow Senators to speak on the topic: "Right and Wrong, and How to Know the Difference."

"This is clearly an effort to silence my Democrat colleagues," said Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WV. "How could I filibuster for more than a minute or two on such subjects."

More over at Scrappleface.

How Often Does this Happen?

About the correct temperature May 9

As I was sitting down I became aware that the temperature was neither too hot nor too cold. This being the case I made no adjustments to the temperature control on the central heating.

More over at The Dullest Blog in the World.
If you're interested in the ongoing Daschle obstructionism on judicial nominations, go check out the multitude of postings on the topic at Powerline - Many thoughtful posts on the topic.

Write-In Wins California

I can see it - Via Bill Quick, this item on the problem of the Republican Convention:
SACRAMENTO -The Republican Party will hold its national convention so late next year that President Bush's name might be left off the California ballot.

Not that anyone would expect him to win on the LEFT coast, but with the Dim line-up, I think he could win as a write-in.

Abdication of Constitutional Responsibility

I am glad to see the president hammering on this issue. It needs to be on the front burner.

In Rose Garden remarks, President Bush criticized Senate Democrats for delaying confirmation votes on his nominees for the federal bench. He demanded up-or-down votes on each one.

"The judicial confirmation process is broken and it must be fixed," he said. "While senators stall and hold on to old grudges, American justice is suffering."

Two years ago Friday, Mr. Bush sent his first 11 nominees for federal appeals courts to the Senate. Three still await confirmation ? Miguel Estrada, Priscilla Owen and Terry Boyle.

Eight of the 18 men and women he has nominated for federal appeals court judgeships have waited over a year for a Senate floor vote.

"More appeals court nominees have had to wait for over a year in my presidency than in the last 50 years combined," the president said. "This is not just business as usual. This is an abdication of constitutional responsibility and it is hurting our country."

Accompanied by a handful of Republican and Democratic Sen. Zel Miller of Georgia, Mr. Bush renewed his demand for strict deadlines that would ensure the swift replacement of judges.

Go ahead, write your Senator, especially if your Senator is in with the Dasshole crew.

English Not First Language for Typing Monkeys

Caught this via NRO:

LONDON (AP) - Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, the theory goes, and they will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare.

Give six monkeys one computer for a month, and they will produce a mess.


At first, said Phillips, "the lead male got a stone and started bashing the hell out of it.

"Another thing they were interested in was in defecating and urinating all over the keyboard," added Phillips, who runs the university's Institute of Digital Arts and Technologies.

Eventually, monkeys Elmo, Gum, Heather, Holly, Mistletoe and Rowan produced five pages of text, composed primarily of the letter S. Later, the letters A, J, L and M crept in - not quite literature.

This sounds a lot like our office except for the defecating on the keyboard...

The notion that monkeys typing at random will eventually produce literature is often attributed to Thomas Huxley, a 19th-century scientist who supported Charles Darwin's theories of evolution. Mathematicians have also used it to illustrate concepts of chance.

The Plymouth experiment was part of the Vivaria Project, which plans to install computers in zoos across Europe to study differences between animal and artificial life.

Phillips said the experiment showed that monkeys "are not random generators. They're more complex than that.

"They were quite interested in the screen, and they saw that when they typed a letter, something happened. There was a level of intention there."

Here's the link to the monkey site. I think they'd be fun to work with...
Darn permalinks but check out Vikingpundit's post on Rule 22. We need to keep working and hammering on the Senators on Dasshole's side of the aisle until they do what's right for our judicial system, until they go along with the Constitution and its provisions.

UPDATE: Check out Mr. Joyner's post and links on the topic of suing the Dasshole group over at OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY. {ed. - Dasshole is my reference point, not his.}

What a Mess!?!

Thanks to SARS work, China needs a new dump. My house gets a little messy here and there but I don't feel so bad now.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Take All 50 Update

Mr. Hawkins created a nice update on the Dims vs. Bush.

RNC Takes Care of the DNC

Scott Ott is on fire with this one:

Rumsfeld Appoints Hart Interim Leader of DNC
(2003-05-07) -- U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced today the appointment of former Sen. Gary Hart as interim leader of the Democrat party.

The appointment represents a compromise between White House insiders who wanted the Democrats to work out their differences and choose their own leader, and others who believed the White House should have a strong hand in the rebuilding of the war-ravaged party.

For Mr. Hart's part, the appointment comes a day after he announced he would not run for president since he didn't want his vision sullied by "money, media and polls".

"This is ideal for me," said Mr. Hart. "I get to propound my vision without being distracted by the triflings of the electoral process."

Too bad it is so close to the truth, eh?

Deck of Weasels

Via Rachel Lucas:

A perfect deck.

Death Penalty for ID Theft Needed

Watch your statements, keep everything as secure as possible.

Check out these crooks who will probably get 2 years and probation - Heck, they are out on 100K bail each???:

In the checkout line at the Target Superstore in Germantown, it is hardly uncommon to see mounds of packaged laundry soap, diapers or even camping gear. But when a man and woman loaded three $400 DVD players onto the conveyor belt and handed over one credit card, then another, until the purchase went through, something seemed suspicious. Security cameras captured their license plate as they drove away in a black 1998 Lexus.

The car belonged to Francis E. Fletcher Jr., 35, and Michele Fletcher, 30, of Prince George's County, authorities say. One of the sets of credit card numbers belonged to a La Plata woman, who angrily called Target days later to complain about a $1,260 purchase she'd never made at a store she'd never been to.

Montgomery County police and federal investigators said yesterday that the April 5 incident in Germantown was the key to unraveling one of the largest cases of identity theft and credit card fraud in the Washington area. During an April 21 search of the couple's home, police said, a veritable factory for counterfeit credit cards was found: 600 pages containing more than 40,000 allegedly stolen names and credit card numbers; more than 100 newly minted cards under 100 different names, featuring the trademark Visa logo.


According to authorities: Three satellite TV dishes sat on the roof of the $400,000 two-story beige home that dominates the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in Glenn Dale. Just about every room had a flat-screen TV, a DVD player and a variety of other electronic gadgets. A huge new deck was going up at the back of the house, and a home theater was being built in the basement.

"There were racks and racks of shoes, clothing . . . and the best furniture," Hill said.

Officials seized the clothes and the gadgets, the black Lexus, a 2003 Mercedes convertible and a 2002 Mercedes CL500C, a lime green Kawasaki motorcycle and a John Deere riding mower, documents show. Yesterday, a red Lexus was parked in front of the house, in the 6100 block of Erika Place.


Meanwhile, Social Security records show that Francis Fletcher has not worked in more than a decade, Hill said, perhaps longer. And both Francis and Michele Fletcher have prior arrest records, including a conviction for assaulting a Secret Service officer in 1993 in Georgia. The officer was investigating a credit card scheme, in which the couple was arrested but not convicted.

The death penalty may sound severe, but check in with the victims of these crimes before you make your judgment. These people are so sick, you could not possibly reform their criminal behavior. They are sick.

90% Are Crap, Part Quatre

I'm dim, so it took me a while, but I finally figured out that if I make sure and water down my opinions and ensure that I don't say anything too strongly, I might have a more popular blog. Also, I need to make sure I clean up my language, which usually isn't too bad. Well, fuck all of that. I think I'll stick with the crap because I have fun saying what's on my mind and there are quite a few who enjoy that, so that's what I'm going to keep doing for a little while...Also, it may be crap, but I'll refrain from essays that will cause carpal tunnel for the reader as they continue to page through them...By the way, the Deftones aren't crap.

Tornado Mysteries

Lawrence is 45 minutes West of here and they got hammered. All storms in Lawrence hit my neighborhood. Things were not as bad as Sunday, but I caught the traffic copter guy catching the tornado and it was sending some roofs all over town, pretty dramatic stuff, and I was wondering who would fly a helicopter anywhere close to a tornado. I never answered that question to a satisfactory level for myself.

Anyway, the darned system is heading right for us, a strip of bright red on the nextrad radar, and the weatherman says people in my county should immediately head for cover - head for the basement. I told my wife that we should have enough time to hear the train coming and then head for the basement. She didn't believe me, but then the oddest thing happened: Within the timespan of about 6 minutes, the entire system goes off of the radar, and I was thinking maybe the storm is so close to the radar, the radar is not reading the storm, but looking out the window, the skies are clear. Then I hear the traffic copter guy say that he saw the most amazing thing, the whole cell just disappeared, it simply went away. Unbelievable.

I was happy, didn't want to spend the night in the basement...

I am just hearing on the radio now that these tornadoes are heading for Whiteman Air Force Base - I hope our B-2's are safe because those damn things are expensive.

UPDATE: I like the emergency broadcast system or whatever you call it, but here is what happens: I'm listening to one of the local rock stations and do they cut in on the commercials? Heck no. Do they cut in on the crappy pop songs? Heck no. No, they start playing an awesome tune from Queens of the Stone Age, get 15 seconds into it so that I am all charged up, and in comes the beeps with some incoherent jerk reminding us that we are about to get leveled but with no specific information that would actually help you...Oh well, it serves its purpose, I suppose.
Vikingpundit pointed the way to an excellent post on the hypocrisy of the Dims when whining about the President landing on a carrier for a victory speech.

One-Click Activism from the Anti-Bush Socialists

TrueMajority lost the war on the war but they don't want to give up on the anti-American war:

We didn't stop the war, but we DID become part of a network of millions of people that are building a new superpower -- the power of organized, ACTIVATED public opinion for a more just, compassionate and sustainable world.


This is why TrueMajority continues to track important issues in Washington -- not just the Iraq war, but all issues linked to justice, compassion and sustainability.

Here are the 10 TrueMajority principles:

1-Attack poverty and world hunger as if our life depends on it. It does.

2-Champion the rights of every child, woman and man.
3-End our obstructionism to world treaties.
4-Reduce our dependence on oil and lead the world to an age of renewable energy.
5-Close the book on the Cold War and end the nuclear nightmare.
6-Renounce "Star Wars" and the militarization of space.
7-Make globalization function for, not against, working people.
8-Ensure equal treatment under the law for all.
9-Get big money out of politics.
10-Close the gap between rich and poor kids.

If you're like most of our members, you're probably thinking, "Well, I agree with most of that, but I just don't have time to stay informed on all those issues." That's where TrueMajority comes in.

When your voice counts, we will send you a short email alert with our position. If you agree with it, just click "Reply" and we will automatically send a free fax from you to your member of Congress, the President or another leader.

So when the next email alert from TrueMajority rolls into your inbox, know that HUNDREDS OF THOUSNADS {ed. - funny SIC - they are nads} OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU across America are reading the short message and clicking "Reply" so we can send a free fax to their representatives in Washington.

You are not alone, and that's why your easy, "one-click" activism with us will make a difference in the long run. We will make your voice be heard. We've shown the power of integrated organizing with a tremendous outpouring of opposition to the war. What used to take years to organize now takes days, or even minutes. That's why we are going to win. Now that we've come together, we're going to STAY together.

TrueMajority, one-click IDIOCY.

You should send thoughtful correspondence to your own reps., reflecting how you think, not how Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream thinks. If you're feeling stupid, go donate your hard earned money to them so that they can figure out how to re-distribute the rest of your hard-earned money.

Take All 50

WOW! I like a hefty dose of confidence on my side of the fence, but this is striking:

ANYONE who watched the dreary first 2004 Democratic debate Saturday can see why some Republicans are dreaming and plotting how President Bush can do what even Ronald Reagan couldn't do: win all 50 states in 2004.

After all, polls now show Bush could win California, beat Sen. Hillary Clinton in New York, and whip 2004 wannabes Joe Lieberman (Conn.), John Edwards (N.C.) and Bob Graham (Fla.) in their home states.

There's no post-war poll yet in John Kerry's home state of Massachusetts.

Republicans note Ronald Reagan won New York twice as they talk up the 50-state dream - and even if it's only a dream, it has strategic use because fat cats are more likely to cough up bucks if they think Bush will stump their home state and it also helps recruit House and Senate candidates.

"Just the notion that the president will go after all 50 states has a huge impact on recruiting - if you know he'll stump by your side, that might help convince, say, an Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for Senate in California," says GOP strategist Rich Galen.

A little too early for this kind of talk, but it makes for a nice vision.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Simple-Minded Liberals

I like intelligent, thinking liberals who have a warped sense of the way the world works and are therefore leftists. I like the intelligent ones because I have good conversations with them and they have a sense that the modern Right is correct. They tend to be funny and I can agree with them on much of what is happening in the apolitical world.


Guys like this are complete idiots and it amazes me that they can get up in the morning without the help of their Moms.

Complete idiots and you cannot even have any kind of conversation with them at any level.

I'm not being mean, I'm just telling the truth.

Check out this odd post:

First Fan Mail!

Word of mouth is king... here is what a friend of a friend had to say about this blog:

"You bastard.... you got me hooked on that website, now I am on it all day long."

Thank you! I know there are more closet liberals out there (or conservatives who don't by Chimpy's bull shit).

Spread the word! We have 18 months before working middle-class Americans take back their White House and send a message to the rich Over Class their days of raping our country are over.

How does this fan spend all day on the site? I have been trying to calculate the average minutes per word spent reading the drivel, but there is a lengthy Bennett post that contains this intelligent discussion of the Bennett "contraversy:"

Yet, these uptight moralizers continually get caught with their dick in someone that's not their wife, stealing money that isn't theirs, lying, or partaking of substances and behaviors they themselves condemn.

I think all of those behaviors are attributed to Dims; whereas, Bennett was doing perhaps an immoral activity, but it certainly was not illegal as all of the above activities are.

I like seeing people say what's on their minds, but this is over the top. I think he may be in the Algore camp and may have invented pot.

It would be nice to be able to write a sympathy letter for this guy at the end of the '04 festivities...Can you imagine how insane he would be by '08 if Bush were re-elected in '04? I don't think he'll make it.

The 88 Gets a New Chief

New hope for the good man in NASCAR:

CONCORD, N.C. -- A few days after car owner Robert Yates said he wasn't in a hurry to hire a crew chief for Dale Jarrett, Yates hired one.

Yates moved Shawn Parker from the No. 38 to the No. 88, where he will take over crew chief duties. Parker served as Elliott Sadler's car chief for the first 11 races of the season.

He takes over for interim crew chief Garth Finley.

Brad Parrott was removed as Jarrett's crew chief after the race at Talladega. Parrott guided Jarrett to a victory at Rockingham, but the team struggled after that race. Both Jarrett and Parrott blamed the other for the team's struggles, but Parrott was let go.

Jarrett better start doing better or we might need to question the driver. I don't want to question the driver because he is such a great guy.

Parker has had the 38 car on fire, so I am once again hopeful.

Speaking of NASCAR, what do you think of a sport that takes the week off because it's Mother's Day (not to mention Easter). Real people. It's just car racing but we're talking real people.

I Hate it When Lawyers Sully Their Own Profession

Edwards should be done, but he's a Democrat - via Powerline amongst others:

Records submitted to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show these individuals have often given $2,000 to the North Carolina Democrat, the maximum permitted by law.

In many instances, all the checks from a given firm arrived on the same day ? from partners, attorneys, and other support staff.

Some of these support staff have not voted in the past, and those who have voted include registered Republicans, according to public records on file with various county registrars of voting.

Edwards’ campaign records also reveal that many of these individuals’ spouses and relatives contributed the maximum on the same day. The Hill found many of them to be first-time givers. Some have no previous demonstrable interest in politics, while others appear to be active Republicans.

Stacy and Robert Kern of Los Angeles, for example, are among those who contributed to Edwards’ candidacy. Stacy Kern is listed as an administrator at the law firm of Howarth & Smith. The firm participated in the class-action suits against the tobacco industry.

People love to criticize Bush for his connections to capitalists of various stripes, but Democratic connections to these pigs is unbelievable, and so are the associated illegal activities, but you won't hear about it.
If you have the stomach, go check Acidman's post that clearly outlines how perverted our judicial system is. This made me sick and made me want to change my name.

Frist to Nuke the Dims on the Filibuster?

Recently, Gary Bauer has been on the RELIGIOUS right rampage, but as you can imagine, I was thrilled by this item from today's "end of day report:"

Is Frist's Finger On "The Button"?

Now that five cloture motions have failed to end debate on Miguel Estrada and with Democrats simultaneously filibustering a second nominee, Priscilla
Owen, frustrated Senate Republicans are reportedly considering a "nuclear option" to break the stalemate on confirming the President's judicial nominees.

The Senate's Byzantine rules evidently provide one exception to breaking a filibuster that does not require the usual 3/5th or 60-vote majority, but this procedure hasn't been used in almost 30 years and only once prior to that. The scenario is complicated and there's division within the Republican ranks as to whether or not it should even be tried.

Comity and process rule the Senate and some Republicans are afraid to break with tradition out of fear that some day the Democrats will use this maneuver on them. But, the fact that Democrats are now filibustering two judicial nominees proves they know how to play hardball and they aren't afraid to use any maneuver necessary to achieve their political objectives. If this situation were reversed, is there any doubt that Democrats would hesitate to "push the button?" Senate liberals have so politicized the confirmation process with pro-abortion, anti-religious litmus tests that something drastic must be done.

Restoring balance to our federal courts is so important, I believe Senate Republicans must use every option at their disposal. If we don't start playing by the same rules, we'll continue to lose time and time again.

I need to look into these byzantine rules, but in the meantime, please, please, please, write your 2 senators and ask them to end this insane destruction of the judicial system.

UPDATE:I knew Vikingpundit would source this issue - Go check out the American Center for Law and Justice story on the topic.

Dennis Miller Lights Up the Tonight Show

You should go read the whole section from MRC (what would we do without them), but here are a couple of my favorites:

-- Picking up on Bill Clinton's comments during his 60 Minutes segments with Bob Dole: "If Clinton had only attacked terrorism as much as he attacks George Bush we wouldn't be in this problem. You know something Bill, if you were any more low rent you'd be a Spring Break destination."

-- Including one U.S. city as a potential military target: "Once we take Damascus, simultaneously we bomb the reactor in North Korea, then you take Tehran, you take Saudi Arabia, you take Berkeley, California."

Page down for some earlier stuff from Miller, also courtesy of MRC.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Ginsberg Writes for the Court and She Isn't off her Rocker!

The Libertarians will be angry that we can't protect criminals like this, but I am happy. {Wait, I thought I was a Libertarian? Maybe not.}

The decision, awaited anxiously by charities and state regulators, came in a long-running case that the Illinois attorney general brought against a telemarketer that raised $7 million ostensibly on behalf of a charity for Vietnam veterans while keeping $6 million for itself under the terms of its contract.

The Illinois Supreme Court had dismissed the attorney general's complaint on the ground that the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech prevented the government from deeming any particular level of fund-raising expenses to be unacceptable.

In overturning that dismissal, the court today agreed with the Illinois court that wrongdoing could not be inferred from high fund-raising costs alone.

"But the First Amendment does not shield fraud," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote for the court. "States may maintain fraud actions when fund-raisers make false or misleading representations designed to deceive donors about how their donations will be used."

I have troubles believing that there was any question in this case. The United Way is next in line.

Kristof, Krugman and Bush

Who's lying? The K's.

Taranto did a wonderful job on the missing WMD's issue today.

Bring Back Saddam!
Nicholas Kristof and Paul Krugman, sharing space on today's New York Times op-ed page, have different versions of the same column, a sure sign that liberal conventional wisdom has gelled. The moods are different: Kristof is pensive, while Krugman is splenetic (but isn't he always)? Basically, both of them are pounding the table over the coalition's "failure" thus far to unearth weapons of mass destruction in liberated Iraq.

Now, of course, this could mean a lot of things. It could mean the weapons have been found but tests are still under way to confirm what they are. It could mean the weapons are well hidden. It could mean that Saddam's cronies destroyed them or spirited them away to Syria before the coalition arrived. It could mean intelligence agencies made honest mistakes and overestimated the degree of Iraq's weapons programs. It could even mean--hey, it's logically possible, anyway--that Saddam destroyed the weapons years ago but didn't bother informing the U.N., as mandated under Security Council resolutions.

To Kristof and Krugman, however, there's only one possibility worth considering: President Bush lied. "I don't want to believe that top administration officials tried to win support for the war with a campaign of wholesale deceit," Kristof writes pensively--but it's hard to believe Kristof isn't lying about his desires, since he's writing a column suggesting just that, based on thin evidence.

Anyway, given Kristof's and Krugman's track record, the fact that both of them think President Bush lied bolsters our confidence in his honesty. (Besides, we thought presidents were allowed to lie. Or is that only when they're under oath?) In any case, before these guys complain about the coalition's failure to find weapons of mass destruction, wouldn't it behoove them to wait at least as long as they wanted to give the U.N. inspectors?

Here's a thought: Let's revisit this issue a year from now. If coalition troops still haven't found weapons of mass destruction next May, then we'll concede the argument may have some merit. And there's a way to test it. The Democratic nominee, whoever he is, can make righting this wrong his top promise if elected. Sounds like a winning rallying cry: Bring back Saddam!

Wonderful work. Quits the Peace Campaign

("How can we continue to hate America Now that the War is Over")

These idiots do not understand that it is your state and local taxes that fund education:

Across the nation, schools are suffering. Tens of thousands of teachers have received pink slips and looming budget deficits only promise worse to come. Yet in Washington, Congress seems unaware of the problems at home. They're talking about cutting taxes and cutting budgets -- not about how to keep the schools and essential services going.

The final vote on these budget cuts will come in just a few days, and we're leading a campaign to bring focus to who is getting hurt -- especially to the cuts that will hurt our kids and fail our schools.

Please join us and sign a petition to Congress, asking key Congressional leaders to lead the fight against tax and budget cuts, and to save education and other basic services from drastic cuts. Just go to:

With this petition, we're also collecting personal stories about the impact budget cuts have already had on schools in your area. Tell Congress about teachers who have been fired, about schools closed, about the impact on your own children or grandchildren. Instead of proposing a plan to support the states and our schools during this difficult time, the Bush administration is cutting back billions in federal support, just when it's most needed. We've got to expose the real-world pain of these cuts.

Here in Kansas, I am actually in favor of tax increases to improve the state of our schools, but these anti-Bush idiots somehow think that stopping federal tax cuts will help our schools when the feds contribute relatively little to education. That's as it should be. I don't want a whole bunch of DC freaks telling us how to school our kids. I'll pay more taxes to my state but the wasteful federal government needs to learn how to starve. I don't want to send more money to DC so that they can build the museum of San Francisco freaks in Pelosi's district.

Please write your Congressional leaders and counter this complete bullshit. We need tax cuts so that we can pay more to our states so that we can have more of the services we need and less of the waste we don't need.

Disagreeable Bennett

Sullivan is right.

Kinsley is dead wrong.

Kinsley and his ilk are just looking for a way to conquer right thinking and since they cannot win on the argument, they have to smear the person.

I have to say that Bennett already took a risky spot by taking the "moral high ground" and that position is a bit disagreeable to me, but he did not break any laws or hurt anyone, right? It's too bad Kinsley doesn't subject Jesse Jackson to this kind of scrutiny - Jesse would be in jail if people knew about all of his dirty and illegal tricks, and he purports himself to be a Reverand. A blackmailing reverand but a Reverand.

Dennis Miller Rocks

Via MRC, I missed yesterday's WSJ item from Dennis Miller. Dennis Miller writing for the WSJ makes me think change is a good thing. You must read the whole thing.

This was the intro spark:

"With their dominance in sport, at work and at home eroded, Bush thought white American men needed to know they were still good at something. That's where Iraq came in. . . .

"The great white stars of yesteryear were for the most part gone, gone in football, in basketball, in boxing, and half-gone in baseball. . . . On the other hand, the good white American male still had the Armed Forces."--Norman Mailer, writing in the London Times' op-ed page last week

You must read the piece, but here are two highlights:

Mr. Mailer was the Father of the Nonfiction Novel and now he can also claim lineage as the distant, addled Third Cousin of the Rational Op-Ed. Studying at the Sorbonne as a young man obviously made a deep impression on him because this thing reads like Jacques Chirac's Dream Journal.

With six marriages under his belt, one would assume Mr. Mailer has a stranglehold on warfare. One would be wrong.


A guy like Mailer hates a guy like Bush because Mailer thinks of himself as infinitely smarter than Bush and yet President Bush is the most powerful man on the planet and old Normy's connecting through Atlanta and flying on prop planes to a community college that's so far out in the sticks the mail rider has yet to arrive with the message that The Great Mailer is currently more out of the loupe than a jeweler with conjunctivitis. All so he can scoop up a submicroscopic honorarium and the accolades of star-struck locals and 18-year-olds who mistakenly think Mr. Mailer wrote "Gravity's Rainbow."

He feels there's no connection between the secular state of Iraq and radical fundamentalist terrorists. Not true. Abu Abbas was recently recaptured there after Europe practiced catch-and-release with him many years back. Abu Nidal was found shot to death last year in his Baghdad apartment. Police suspect fair play.

And while I don't want to appear to pick more nits than a father-and-son Spider Monkey team who know they're being followed by a National Geographic film crew, Mr. Mailer's wrong when he says that only one-half of our country was for the war: 70% is one-half only if the whole is considered to be 140%.

That man should have a daily column.

Let's Highlight the Media Lies

I may miss a few, but MRC inspired me on the highlight-the-lie-game. OK, highlight the bias game. Emphasis (lowlights) mine:
Next, Shipman set up another story: "While President Bush is sharply changing his focus from running a war to fixing the struggling economy, yesterday he declared a victory in Iraq. Today he was in California’s Silicon Valley where the unemployment rate is a whopping 8.4 percent. And he was pushing for his giant tax cut, which he says will make things better. Here’s ABC’s Terry Moran."

Moran began: "The President left the USS Abraham Lincoln this morning wearing a sober business suit rather than the flight suit he wore yesterday. The change symbolizing his shift of focus from war to the troubled economy. Later, at the Silicon Valley company where Bradley fighting vehicles are designed, Mr. Bush argued the grim, new unemployment rate confirms the need to pass his big tax cut."

George W. Bush: "That six percent number should say loud and clear to members of both political parties in the United States Congress we need robust tax relief so our fellow citizens can find a job."

Moran: "But some economists, including Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan {Editor: This is a total lie as discussed earlier.}, as well as many members of Congress, don’t think a tax cut is the answer. And the Congress under Republican leadership has been shredding the President’s tax cut plan, slashing it by hundreds of billions of dollars, and radically trimming Mr. Bush’s central proposal to abolish all taxes on dividend income. The White House hopes that events like this one will help advance their main political goal: to leverage the President’s support on national security issues into support for his domestic agenda. But that is a very iffy proposition. An ABC News poll shows that while the President enjoys a 71 percent overall approval rating, 57 percent of Americans think his tax plan favors the rich, and 6 in 10 say large business corporations have too much influence in his administration. Those numbers worry White House officials who know that by election day next year, the glow of victory surrounding Mr. Bush now will likely have faded. Terry Moran, ABC News, with the President in Santa Clara, California."

Monday, May 05, 2003

Let's Distinguish Ourselves

Galen had some interesting observations from the debate show.

My two favorites:

* John Kerry and Howard Dean really don't like each other. Dean is trying to climb down from the Leader-of-the-Anti-War-Faction cliff on which he placed himself. Kerry can't let more than seven minutes go by without reminding everyone of his service in Vietnam. Both are tiresome.

* Dick Gephardt bothers everyone else because -- even though his health care plan is wrong in its conception -- Gephardt is the ONLY candidate who has come up with an original idea.

That's Gephardt, standout because he has a shitty idea.

NPR vs. Queens of the Stone Age

Blog Material vs. Peace and Washing the Car

I started my NPR boycott a few weeks ago after I got tired of Bob Edwards' hatred for his country. NPR has always been a resource for me during commute time. I have tons of good CD's and such, but I am always commuting during the morning and evening broadcast news so NPR is a good way to find out what's happening.

Gradually, I discovered that NPR was a good source for compare and contrast. I could listen to NPR's take, read about the story in the NY Crimes, the WaPo, and the WSJ, and no matter what the story, NPR always came out left of Stalin. Even the Crimes is more balanced than NPR, but NPR is subsidized by our tax dollars, so I kept listening so that I could be furious about how poorly they were spending our tax dollars. What do you expect? An organization that is supported by handouts from tax money and from organizations supported by tax money supporting smaller government and freedom? HELL NO!

I finally gave up.

Here's what I notice:
- I feel less educated.
- I feel less pompous.
- I feel like less of a geezer.
- I feel less pissed off at the world.
- I feel more happy.
- I have a lot less to get pissed about, a lot less to blog about.
- I feel much less patience for the anti-American crowd.
- I feel more happy.

So I come home and wash the car rather than blogging with a vengeance. Nevertheless, I'll go back to NPR someday...I like letting them hack me off, and every half hour, they can succeed at that, on the half hour.

And that Queens of the Stone Age CD gets better and better each time. It may be worn out soon. There is a lot of racket and noise, but it is well done. It's about time to switch back to the Shostakovich symphonies.

I need to be more succinct.

90% Are Crap, Part Trois

I enjoyed this response over at Outside the Beltway (which is probably somewhere between the coasts, not the Heartland, not tornado-land, but somewhere between?):

Steven Den Beste explains, in great detail, why he won't blogroll you. The short answer: Because your site is probably not any damn good and besides, he wants it to be extra special to be on his blogroll. He throws in an econ lesson besides.

Of course, he has so few people on his blogroll (12) as to make it almost useless as a blogroll. Just an observation.

On another note, Blogger does suck. Links, archives, outside applications, you name it, so maybe I'll move over to another solution someday. If I get better at this, I just might. I do like the appearance of the MT sites. I'd like to host pictures once in a while. First, I need to crawl out from the bottom of the 90% crap barrel - Maybe if I could get to the mid crap level, still part of the 90% crap, but mid-crap.

See what I learn from Acidman?

While I was over at his site this evening, I ran into this post on NASCAR going to its knees. The one or two of you who are NASCAR fans along with me, go over and tell them that they should quit selling out to the Devil like that - Have some principles, one of them being equality and one being that you won't cater to blackmailers.

I must say that I liked the end of the linked NY Post article:

NASCAR should ignore Jackson's pay-me-or-I'll-scream-racism racket. If its executives still believe they owe blacks something, they should underwrite groups that actually improve the lives of underprivileged black folks. Among them:

* Through mentoring, tutoring and scholarships, the privately-funded Harlem Educational Activities Fund ( helps low-income pupils succeed in government secondary schools then prosper at and graduate from Bryn Mawr, Columbia and Yale, among other elite universities.

* The National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise ( introduces local entrepreneurs to experts who can hone their skills and heighten their success. On March 12, NCNE launched an initiative in Lowndes County, Alabama to help poor, rural black families in 80 shacks and trailers replace open-pit sewers with septic tanks.

* In NASCAR's home state of Florida, Dorothy Perry's Youths Progressing, Inc. has given ethical guidance, practical financial skills and community-service opportunities to some 2,000 children living in Miami's 754-unit James E. Scott public housing project. This program survives on volunteer labor and Perry's own Supplemental Security Income payments.

NASCAR, like too many other businesses, whipped out its check book once Jesse Jackson said, "Boo!" Too bad. Paying off this race hustler may purchase his silence but buys poor blacks less than a high-speed tire change.

Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition handling charity funds is like Saddam Hussein handling the oil for food program, Jesse gets all the riches and the deserving don't benefit a bit.

90% Are Crap, Part Deux

There are some in blogdom who appreciate what it is. The kind comments from this man bring benefits that outweigh this man's pompous ones.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Hammered by Tornadoes

I was half-joking about heading for the basement earlier, but it was ugly North of here. My Aunt called to see if we were all right - She said that trash cans were dropping out of the sky, little trash cans, but trash cans...

UPDATE: I understand that the death and destruction continued throughout the night through Missouri and Tennessee. We had one death in our area but it sounds like it is much worse East of here. The destruction is bad, but it is very sad that some people obviously couldn't get sufficient warning or get to sufficient shelter.

OK, Vietnam Still Counts

I was defending W's aircraft carrier speech, and got ripped with this piece from Coops:

Here's a fact, regardless of whether or not you are afraid to accept it: No one--NO ONE--joined the National Guard in the mid- and late-60s because he wanted to serve his country.

Anyone who was alive during that time knows the truth: the average kid, regardless of politics, was scared to death he'd get drafted and have to go to Vietnam. And the only reason ANYONE tried to get into the National Guard at that time was to avoid getting drafted. And anyone who says otherwise doesn't know the reality of the 1960s.

And it's also well documentated that Bush Sr. pulled strings to get Georgie into the National Guard. There was a large list of guys that Georgie jumped ahead of. That's not only illegal but immoral. Because every local draft board had a monthly quota. And when Georgie got out of the draft, some other kid in his community was drafted in his place. And who knows, that kid may have died in Vietnam in George W. Bush's place.

I had friends who died in Vietnam so don't tell me that George W. Bush was being noble, or serving his country, by joining the National Guard. He joined the National Guard because he was a coward. And that's the truth.

All of that crap may be right on, but the president was in fine form this week, this year. I'm sorry about this, but I am tired of Vietnam right now. Right now, I am hoping we go get some terrorists and their brothers, the NorKs.

Simple: Dims Will Completely Foul U.S. Defense

I am glad I missed this - The auto race was less comical but was better entertainment.

I am really tired of this put-on: "I served in Vietnam 35 years ago, so I have courage and you cannot criticize" routine. Sick of it, and Howard Dean is a complete moron if he thinks we think he would do anything but slaughter the capabilities of the U.S. armed forces.

Kerry and Dean carried on a fight that has been raging for days over a comment by Dean suggesting that the United States may not always have military supremacy. Kerry called it an "extraordinary" statement and said that anyone preparing for the day when the United States is not the strongest military in the world "is preparing for serious problems."

Dean, whose rise in the polls in New Hampshire directly threatens Kerry, said his statement had been misunderstood and that he had no intention of doing anything to weaken U.S. military strength. "No commander in chief would ever -- and I am no exception -- willingly allow our military to shrink," he said. But he complained that Kerry had questioned his credentials through a spokesman rather than doing it directly.

Kerry also confronted Dean over a published statement questioning the Massachusetts senator's courage on gay rights and health care issues. Noting his combat service in Vietnam, Kerry said, "I don't need any lectures on courage from Governor Dean."

Dean defused that moment by saying that he had been misquoted and that he never questioned Kerry's record on gay rights.

I am trying to combine the gay rights issue with Vietnam and I am failing at that venture. Courage, my ass, he has Heinz-money-courage, not discounting some tremendous performance in Vietnam that was so long ago it has little relevance.

Then there is the typcial Dim talk of tax increases a la healthcare for all at the expense of the sick taxpayers:

Edwards sharply attacked the plan as a giveaway to corporate America that would take money "out of the pockets of working families." Claiming that working people have been hurt by the "greed and the corporate culture that exists," he said Gephardt's plan "feels like saying, 'You're in good hands with Enron.' "

Gephardt called Edwards "wrong on my plan" and disputed that it represented a tax increase on working families. "This is not helping corporations; this is helping corporations give people the thing they most need, which is health care."

Kucinich said Gephardt did not go far enough and that it was time to get private insurers out of the business of health care and instead provide "guaranteed, single-payer universal health care" funded by the federal government.

Lieberman jumped in to attack Gephardt's plan as one that would take the country back to the days of big government. "We're not going to solve these problems with the kind of big-spending Democratic ideas of the past," he said.

None of them mention that it is a HUGE TAX INCREASE. If Lieberman comes out on top of this group of bafoons, he'll be a challenge to Bush, so I am rooting for Gephardt, the idiot who takes a position not for the logic but for the popularity of the handout.

UPDATE: Imagine Howard Dean campaigning on the Acidman theme:

Military: Yes. I want the biggest, baddest, most ass-kicking, technologically-advanced fighting force on the planet. I'm willing to pay for that. And I want somebody in charge with a set of cojones. I want a clear message sent to ANYONE who even CONSIDERS fucking with the USA: Do it and DIE! That's how you keep peace in the world.

Dean should quit now rather than pretending he could satisfy any of that defense theme...Acidman also reviewed the debate.

90% are crap

I caught this statement in one of Steven Den Beste's recent essays, one principally about links or lack there of, but it was so long, I lost the meaning:

Sadly, another reason I don't respond to such requests is that Sturgeon's Law is in full force in the blogosphere: 90% of blogs are crap, if not an even higher proportion than that. (Not yours, of course.) There's a benefit to being on my blogroll for the site owners, but it's also there for my readers, and I don't want to route them to sites which are a waste of their time.

The rest of the essay was a bit long, actually way too long for what I got out of it, but this part grabbed me. My blog is shit, and so I got to thinking, what should I do about that? Spend more time, do different things, spend more money? Nope, not going to do any of that right now. Should I quit blogging? Not a bad idea...I will keep thinking about that.

I decided that I will keep thinking about it, but I had to come back to the original reason I started blogging: I was sick of polluting people's email boxes with things that I found interesting. I'll post things that I find interesting right here and if people don't want to check it out, at least I have not pestered them.

After saying that, let me say that these essayists, who are pompously arrogant about how grand their writing is are OK, but they need to work on the length of their work. Many think that they are the reincarnation of Thomas Paine, but they miss the fact that in the 21st Century, people have less times and there are tons and tons of more material to wade through. Maybe they should be more succinct. I am going to try to be succinct.

And if they were so grand, wouldn't they be next to George Will in my newspaper? It'd be nice if they would replace Molly Ivins or Maureen Dowd, but they may not be quite arrogant enough...

There's a tornado warning, multiple tornadoes heading our way, so I am heading for the basement.