Saturday, April 26, 2003

Why Not?

I don't understand this poll.

If Mario Andretti qualifies for the 87th Indianapolis 500, would you like to see him drive in the race?

Total Votes: 444

Why not watch him race.

Notice the results are racing style - Not sure why they don't round percentages.

Chiefs WIll Be Dangerous

I am thinking Johnson was an awesome pick. Put him to work right away...
UPDATE: As expected, some people are poo-pooing the pick...What happened to Priest, etc.

Something to Help You Lose Your Breakfast

Scott Ott has been doing the usual and I have not been keeping up...
(2003-04-24) -- In the wake of the Dixie Chicks attempt to blunt criticism by appearing mostly naked on a magazine cover, Academy Award-winning documentarist Michael Moore has agreed to appear shirtless on the cover of an unnamed periodical.

"There's nothing like a little skin to change the tone of the debate," said Mr. Moore. "Since I have more skin than most folks, it should really alter the mood of the discourse."

There is more over at Scrappleface

Friday, April 25, 2003

I am not accomplished enough to do this, but I certainly enjoyed this fisking of the message.

Tax Policy that Fries My Ass

It's one thing for the NY Crimes to constantly rip on the tax cut/economic growth strategies of the Bush Administration, but when they start ripping on the IRS for going after tax fraud, I get awfully mad.

The Internal Revenue Service is planning to ask more than four million of the working poor who now claim a special tax credit to provide the most exhaustive proof of eligibility ever demanded of any class of taxpayers.

They are talking about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC or EIC), which is not a refund of taxes that person has paid but it is free money from taxes YOU paid, which is redistributed to this person. There should be a burden when the federal government is has gone in to the Socialism business and is giving your money to someone else.

Here's the deal: In 99, there was approximately $10B in pure fraud in this area, and the NY Crimes does not want the IRS to stop this???

And that number doesn't count the fact that most of these people make more than you would believe in "under-the table" income, probably make more than you do, but $5K of your tax money is getting re-distributed to them.

They say that this EIC thing was created to encourage people to work. I say F**k that, if they need my tax dollars in a redistribution scheme as inspiration to work, let them quit their jobs and let them starve.

It is pure fraud. Pure fraud.

The new rules apply to the earned-income tax credit, a provision enacted in 1975 and expanded several times. The credit has long had bipartisan support because it has lifted large numbers of people out of poverty without offering the sort of assistance often derided as handouts.

Instead of conventional welfare benefits, the earned-income tax credit provides an offset for the Social Security taxes low-income workers have already paid, along with a credit based on their earnings that is intended to give them an incentive to work. The credits vary according to income and family size, but no household with earned income above $34,692 is eligible.

These ARE handouts. You have to pay Social Security for your benefits but people who work for cash do not because the cash is not reported. Why does the federal government use my tax dollars to provide incentive for people to work. If they can't inspire themselves, let them starve.

It is pure fraud. Pure fraud.

Storm du Santorum

I think I'm pretty much aligned with Bill O'Reilly on this one - Why do we need our government to be the sex police when there are all sorts of other things happening, but if you want to find the passionate opposition to Santorum, check out Sulli. I don't agree with Santorum, but I am not sure he should be gettings roasted so heavily.

UPDATE: For an interesting view from the other side of the coin on this one, check out John Hawkins' piece. The problem is that there are technical legal issues to argue and there are societal issues to argue, and all of these issues are getting so mixed up that there is no clear picture.

The Problem is that She Won't Taste Good

The leader of a prominent U.S.-based animal rights group said she had drawn up a will directing that her flesh be barbecued and her skin used to make leather products in protest at man's ill-treatment of animals.

Ingrid Newkirk, 53, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said on Thursday she had chosen to donate her body to her organization for use in a variety of startling protests.

Newkirk also suggested her feet be removed and made into umbrella stands similar to those made from elephant feet that she had seen as a child.

Maybe we could have a PETA barbeque for pets. My dogs love any kind of barbeque.

...But one body part listed in the will is not protest or animal related. It says a small part of her heart should be buried near the Hockenheim Formula One racing circuit in Germany, preferably near the Ferrari pits.

"I love Formula One. I love Michael Schumacher, and I thought I would have a little bit of personal indulgence there," she said. "But it's not without a connection to animals because he actually signed a letter for us against experiments on monkeys in Germany."

It shames me that the PETA lady likes auto racing, but I guess even the devil might have one or two redeeming qualities...

Krugman Does Not Deserve the Time

Donald Luskin covers Krugman, so I don't have to think too much about it...

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Stingy, Retarded Senators

Bauer has this in his email today:

Will Bush Address The Country?

The White House is seriously debating the possibility of President Bush delivering an address to the nation, or to a joint session of Congress, in order to save his $726 billion tax cut. The hope is that such an address will generate a flood of letters, e-mails and telephone calls to Capitol Hill in favor of Bush's proposal. Even though White House insiders privately concede they can't get the full $726 billion, they believe an aggressive effort can get them closer to the $550 billion House bill, rather than settling for the Senate's stingy $350 billion. (Keep in mind these cost figures cover 10 years.) In addition, the administration could reintroduce certain specific cuts, including ending the marriage penalty later this year and have a decent chance to pass them.

Take them on, GWB.

Idiots Unite


I thought you'd like to see this. is starting to get a campaign organized to defeat Bush and the Republicans in 2004. The Republicans are already well under way in their re-election effort, we need to get started too.

Read their email below and consider signing on to the campaign.

To sign up, click here:

MoveOn will keep you updated when opportunities for action come up.

"We don't know who it is we might support for running the country but we darn well know that we hate Bush."



Be very scared:

We'll throw out Bush and the Republicans using every means available: by registering a wave of new voters, by organizing to make sure they get to the polls on election day, by raising enough money to compete with the President's mountain of special interest money, and by volunteering for political campaigns. We'll make it easy for you to play a part.

President Bush believes he doesn't have to listen to the American public -- which, even during war, has overwhelmingly been skeptical or strongly resistant to the idea of an American empire. He has decided that his faith in the military takes precedence over his faith in democracy. The election in 2004 is our chance to take our democracy back.

Polls show overwhelmingly that American's do not trust President Bush to revive the failing economy. They're just as concerned with the Administration's assault on civil rights, civil liberties and the environment. Last week in New Orleans, Presidential Advisor Karl Rove said that this will be a "close, competitive" race. If all of us get involved, it won't just be tight. We'll win.

1.3MM vs. 270MM, let's see how this goes...
If the pro's do it, I don't feel so bad.

MRC Give Jennings a Well-Deserved F

MRC came out with its war news report.

Brit Hume - A
Peter Jennings - F

That's right on the money.

Dan Rather got a B+ and that seems right, but I think Shep Smith with a B+ represents grade inflation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Bob Edwards, from Left of Left Field

In the meantime, check out MRC's take on Bob Edwards.
Not just light blogging, but zilcho blogging today - Tough day at work. Tomorrow may not be a lot better, but we'll see...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Stimulus is Money in Your Hands

Let's Fix the Economy Despite the Dims

This is what will help the economy:

The President’s plan will provide tax relief to 92 million Americans. A family of four with an income of $40,000 a year would receive a 96% reduction in federal income taxes. Instead of paying $1,178 a year, that family would pay $45. For small businesses, the tax relief is equally impressive. Under the jobs and growth plan 23 million small business owners will see their taxes reduced. The plan would triple the amount that a business can deduct for equipment purchases, to $75,000 in a single year, and would index the business equipment deduction to inflation.

Some people say that now is not the right time for tax cuts. These are not new arguments. In fact, they have been made every time a tax cut has been proposed. They made these arguments in 1962, when President Kennedy proposed across the board tax cuts even as America fought the Cold War and raced to put a man on the moon. They made these arguments in 1982, when President Reagan proposed tax cuts even as he increased defense spending in order to bring about the collapse of the Berlin Wall. These arguments were on the wrong side of history then, and they’re on the wrong side of history now. In both cases, the results of tax cuts were dramatic: lower taxes led to higher growth and more jobs.

Time for a Solid Reverse Boycott

Via Instapundit, here it is
I am so thankful for people who work hard like Donald Luskin does.

He is able to completely shred Krugman so others don't have to scream at the ceiling.

Krugman sets it up so that the Bush tax-cuts are seen as a treadmill to nowhere -- with new jobs being created with tax-cuts, but with old jobs being "destroyed" for lack of emergency aid. But here's the lie in that: those state job cuts are the result of a weak economy, not the cause of it. States are shedding jobs and services because their tax revenues are down in this recession -- period. How will it help the cause of economic recovery to simply maintain the recessionary status quo -- same state services, the same state employees, the same tax rates? No, if Krugman wants to keep the states spending on scholarships and light bulb screwers, there's only one thing to do: get the economy up on its feet and growing again so that there are more private sector jobs producing the wages that will get taxed to pay for public sector jobs.

Krugman is not only a loser, he is a liar.

Hockey Time

The Avs are on - Game 7. I love sports drama, and playoff hockey is the greatest sports drama of all. And if you have OT in a play-off game, that is huge drama. And if it is a game 7 in hockey and it is OT, that is the pinnacle of sports drama. There is nothing better than hockey in a game 7 that is in sudden death OT, nothing better. (One thing that might be better is action film from those embeds in Iraq, but I digress).

HE SCORES! I am hoping we don't hear that tonight when Patrick Roy ('Wa') is working.

UPDATE:   The Avs look awesome in the first 1:09. The house is rockin in CO. This is the best sports drama to be had.
UPDATE:   0-0 end of 1, Incredible drama. I am telling you, nothing like game 7 hockey drama...
*******1-1 in the 2nd, complete drama.
Holy F, I love this drama...I think I was prescient, or something like that, 2-2, into OT...I told you, nothing more dramatic than playoff hockey...
UPDATE:   Avs lose on a cheap shot, they sould have won. Sudden death in soccer or hockey beats the shit out of OT in football...

More Lefty Crap from Serwer

BECHTEL AND SHOCK AND AWE: So the State Department awarded Bechtel that contract worth up to $680 million to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure, which will include rebuilding airports, helping to repair Iraq's main port Umm Qasr, and possibly hospitals and schools. GW reminds us that Bechtel is the main contractor for the Big Dig in Boston, which has been "a colossal pain in the ass with huge cost over-runs. Methinks the real Iraqi "shock and awe" will begin when these morons start noodling all over the countryside in their CATs!"

The Boston thing is not a Bechtel thing, it's a government thing. Bechtel is well respected in all things having to do with big jobs. Serwer won't answer his emails, but you can try...

Pentagon Vs. State Department

Bauer outlines the issue:

The long running battle between Colin Powell's State Department and Donald Rumsfeld's Department of Defense has been one of Washington's worst kept secrets. Today, the dispute made headlines on the front page of the Washington Post and now predictably it will become the major topic for "talking heads" of all stripes.

This is not just an example of the liberal media trying to sow dissention in the ranks of the Bush Administration. President Bush is presiding over a deeply divided administration on fundamental foreign policy issues and conservatives are hoping "Rummy" wins.

Before the Iraq war, it was Powell who convinced the President to go to the U.N., a move that cost months of lost time and put France and Russia in the "driver's seat." Rumsfeld and Cheney opposed the move. Powell favors a softer line on Syria and believes the first U.S. priority should be to rebuild our alliances with France and Germany. Others in the Administration want to push ahead against the "axis of evil." Perhaps most importantly, Powell and State are pushing the President to quickly implement a "road map" to create a Palestinian state, even though there is zero evidence to suggest the Palestinians have given up on their goal of destroying Israel.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich jumped into the fray today in a speech to a Washington think tank. He charged that Powell's State Department has been a diplomatic failure and needs to go through major reform. He also raised the real possibility that if left unchecked, our military victory in Iraq could be undermined by further State Department failures.

I don't see the situation in that manner. I trust Rumsfeld and Powell when they say that they are carrying out orders from the boss. It is one family and the press is simply trying to create the melodrama.

Things That Took Longer Than the Iraq War

From one of those funny email jokes today. The response is "So what?" but it is awfully funny:

It took less time to take Iraq than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian compound - that was a 51-day operation.

It took less time to find evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq, than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.

It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Teddy Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sunk at Chappaquiddick.

It took less time to take Iraq than it took to count the votes in Florida in the 2000 election.

At Least He's Bowing His Head to Pray

I knew I could count on MRC. I saw this humourous exchange on HBO Friday:

The exchange took place during a discussion amongst panelists Dyson, a professor of humanities at the University of Pennsylvania, author and Chicago Sun-Times columnist; conservative author/columnist Ann Coulter and Miller. When Maher recalled how Bush had once used the term 'crusade' for the U.S. war on terrorism, this exchange ensued:

Dyson: "There's a huge difference between politically being opposed to persons in war and in the name of religion trying to wipe out your enemy who happens to be religious -- whether it's between Protestants and Catholics or now between Christians and Muslims. I think it's a huge difference."

Coulter: "You think that's what we're doing?"

Dyson: "I think absolutely that's what we're doing. Look at your President, I mean, who bows his head to God and prays to God and says because I have God's love, and you know what ticks me off-"

Miller jumped in: "At least he's not bowing his head to watch an intern blow him!"

Miller is on fire. He needs to host "Face the Nation." How huge would that be? We're not ready for it yet.

Dyson seems pretty sharp at times, but being ticked off at someone's religion is a little out there. I understand his point, I think, but he has an idiotic way of saying it.

We Hate America

Let's see now, how does this town feel about defending our country from terrorism?

ARCATA, Calif. -- This North Coast city may look sweet -- old, low-to-the-ground buildings, town square with a bronze statue of William McKinley, ambling pickup trucks -- but it acts like a radical.

Arcata was one of the first cities to pass resolutions against global warming and a unilateral war in Iraq. Last month, it joined the rising chorus of municipalities to pass a resolution urging local law enforcement officials and others contacted by federal officials to refuse requests under the Patriot Act that they believe violate an individual's civil rights under the Constitution. Then, the city went a step further.

This little city (pop.: 16,000) has become the first in the nation to pass an ordinance that outlaws voluntary compliance with the Patriot Act.

"I call this a nonviolent, preemptive attack," said David Meserve, the freshman City Council member who drafted the ordinance with the help of the Arcata city attorney, city manager and police chief.

The Arcata ordinance may be the first, but it may not be the last. Across the country, citizens have been forming Bill of Rights defense committees to fight what they consider the most egregious curbs on liberties contained in the Patriot Act. The 342-page act, passed by Congress one month after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, with little input from a public still in shock, has been most publicly criticized by librarians and bookstore owners for the provisions that force them to secretly hand over information about a patron's reading and Internet habits. But citizens groups are becoming increasingly organized and forceful in rebuking the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act for giving the federal government too much power, especially since a draft of the Justice Department's proposed sequel to the Patriot Act (dubbed Patriot II) was publicly leaked in January.

Both the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act, which created the Cabinet-level department, follow the Constitution, says Justice Department spokesman Mark Corallo. Federal law trumps local law in any case, which would mean Arcata would be in for a fight -- a fight it wants -- if the feds did make a Patriot Act request. LaRae Quy, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco FBI office, whose jurisdiction includes Arcata, said that the agency has no plans to use the Patriot Act in Arcata any time soon, but added that people misunderstood it. Although some people feel their privacy rights are being infringed upon, she said, the agency still has to show "probable cause for any actions we take."

But to date, 89 cities have


Via Instapundit, this fascinating item on the calculus of war:

Even Iraqi Body Count, using the most biased methodology possible, can only come up with 2,325 civilian deaths in Iraq over the past month. Compare this astonishingly low number with one supplied by John Burns of The New York Times who estimates that during Saddam's reign "figures of a million dead Iraqis, in war and through terror, may not be far from the mark."

Now do the math: One million Iraqis killed over the past 23 years comes out to something around 3600 deaths per month, or 50% more per month than were killed during the most intensive bombing campaign conducted since World War II. And the result is that the Iraqi people are less oppressed, less terrorized than they've been in decades.

Again, never let anyone tell you that what we did was wrong. By any standard, it was right and just.

Monday, April 21, 2003


I know what Acidman is talking about now, and I certainly love his Bore Blogs.

He discusses things that are on his mind but he has good timing, and good content, in general, and he keeps it succinct.

I don't have that talent, but I don't want to continue to be a simple link site.

I don't appreciate the longer prose that one can find on some sites because my time is limited. It might be great, but I only have so much time. The best bloggers have lots of time.

If I had more time, I would be more creative, and this site would be better than a generic bottle of Tylenol.

I'll keep thinking about this.

Every once in a while, there is feedback, and I keep going...
Tonight's useful IDIOT: phugit

Krugman is Smoking Something -
Maybe He is Smoking Your Tax Dollars?

"The Bush administration is projecting budget deficits every year for the next 50 years, and those are over-optimistic projections," Krugman said. "We're no longer in a situation where there's any plausible route towards fiscal sanity, given the existing taxes, and here we are proposing more permanent tax cuts.

Some people don't like 10 year projections, but Krugman is such a smart shit, he can go 50.
(thanks to Hoy and Luskin)

Big Thanks to Donald Sensing

He pointed to this gem in the Washington Times

.....Bravo 1/5 was one of the first two units to cross into Iraq from Kuwait at the start of the land war (we would have been first, but Alpha Company broke the line of march and moved ahead of us). Bravo 1/5 captured a gas and oil separation plant in the al Ramallah oil fields in southern Iraq, routed Iraqi defenders while capturing a key bridge over the Saddam Hussein Canal in central Iraq, liberated village after village and a children's prison, fought its way into Baghdad through a gauntlet of RPG fire, and seized and held Saddam's 17-acre complex on the Tigris River despite a five-hour onslaught from Baath Party gunmen and foreign extremists. It was one of the heaviest battles of the Iraq conflict, with the besieged Marines nearly running out of ammunition.

Thirty-five Marines were wounded that morning and one killed. Luckily for Bravo, only three of the wounded came from its ranks.

In battle, the men of Bravo 1/5 fought with tenacious courage. In liberating a people long cowed by the repression of dictatorship, they acted with great compassion, and in many cases a great tenderness. "Operation Iraqi Freedom," a name they initially greeted with scorn and expletive, gained poignant currency as the Marines viewed the plight of the Iraqi people -- lives in unbelievable squalor -- and their explosions of joy at being set free from the grip of fear.

Earlier mutterings that the war to topple Saddam Hussein should be called Operation Sandstorm because of weather, or Operation Stand Still for the delays in march to allow logistics vehicles to catch up with advancing front line units, were quickly forgotten.

This was not at all as easy as they portray. We have some awesome people who were extremely brave.

The Dims would cite the following as to what was wrong with embedding reporters, but I think it is incredibly right. If the Dims don't like embeds, they should hire some reporters to work with Baghdad Bob.

Post script: This reporter took his leave of Bravo 1/5 on April 15. It was one of the hardest farewells I've ever had to make. In the 36 days I spent with them, I had been welcomed and made part of the family. The idea of leaving my band of brothers was wrenching, yet my family at home was also calling. In the end, I left quickly, with few goodbyes. The sight of a blubbering reporter was something best avoided. Speaking with other formerly embedded reporters in Kuwait turned up similar emotional pulls.

So how to say thank you? How to say how much I love and respect them? Words can't do it. So like other reporters, I give them the smartest, snappiest salute I, as a civilian, can muster.

God speed, Bravo 1/5. Semper Fi (Semper Fidelis, "Always Faithful," the Marine Corps motto).

Here are Your Peace Activists

The people who don't want war want to kill those who are supporting our troops.

The sponsor of one of the sites, who would only identify himself as Tim C., said he has received nearly 100 death threats since starting less than two months ago. Tim's mother and wife want him to stop exposing Hollywood's liberal activists out of fear for his personal safety.

"If they are anti-war pacifists, they're the most violent people I have ever met in my life. It's really unbelievable," Tim C., told The website's motto is: "They (Hollywood) don't speak for us."

The author of another anti-celebrity activist website,, dedicated to "exposing the ignorance, insanity and anti-Americanism of Hollywood celebrities," also claims defenders of Hollywood activists are anything but pacifist.

"I have received death threats, thousands of virus-laden emails, words of pure hatred, all this from the peace-loving, compassionate free-speech left," Mark of told Mark declined to reveal his last name as a safety precaution.

"I'm just an average American living in a small town in California. Due to the threats in the hate mail I get, that's all I can say," Mark said.

Tim C. of said the threats are relentless. "I receive on average one death threat a day ... we had no clue that these folks feel that strongly," he explained.

These anti-war people are actually violent anti-Americans, and these Dims who send out death threats should be sitting in jail. If this is the state of the Dimocrat party, 04 ought to be just fine.

I Hated to See it but the Royals made WOW

Whine of the Week had the Royals as third runner-up:

3. Kansas City Royals
After starting the season with nine straight wins, the Royals finally lost to Cleveland. After the game, instead of giving credit to Ricardo Rodriguez, the young pitcher who vanquished them, 6-1, the Royals whined that Rodriguez showed them up by celebrating big outs. We love these guys. After stinking up the league for years, they have a little winning streak, and suddenly they’re the New York Yankees. Here’s a hint, guys: If you don’t want to be shown up, don’t lose the stupid game.

Questions for General Franks
We'd Like to Have the Play-by-Play Now

Fred Kaplan writes an interesting essay in which he asks 8 questions. The first is quite a puzzle.

What did happen between the first and second week of the war? On March 27, Gen. William Wallace, commander of U.S. Army forces in the Persian Gulf, was telling reporters, "The enemy we're fighting is a bit different from the one we war-gamed against because of these paramilitary forces." On the 29th, an unnamed officer told the Washington Post that the war would last through the summer. On the 30th, Gen. Myers said the assault on Baghdad would have to await the arrival of reinforcements. Then, suddenly, on April 1, U.S. troops were on the outskirts of Baghdad. Two days later, they were occupying the airport. Next day, they were inside the capital. What happened? Did the Fedayeen simply stop attacking the supply lines? Why? When a few U.S. battalions broke away on "seek and destroy" missions in Nasiriyah and Najif, going door to door and block to block, did they kill all the Fedayeen guerrillas who were taking refuge in those cities? And was that all the guerrillas there were? Did that finish off the threat?

We like to think that the CNN Generals were fouling up the commentary, but this question is a nice reflection of the puzzle.
Come See the Simpleton

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Here is a well done article on freedom of speech. Do you have it? Enjoy. (via Winds of Change.)

It's All Imperialism

Here's the Canadian view of the war:

No one, least of all this writer, who spent a harrowing time in Iraq under Saddam's brutal, sinister, megalo-despotism, mourns him. But in their lust to invade Iraq, the Bush administration and Tony Blair deeply discredited their own nations' moral standing, credibility, and democratic ideals by outrageously misleading their own people and whipping them into mass hysteria to justify an imperial war.

...Whipping them into freeing people from a brutal and sinister megalomaniac. And, yes, the WMDs will be found.

Say What?

"It's not so much that I think my integrity will be violated, or that I'll get my hands dirty," Professor Darwall said in a telephone interview. "It's just that given these tragedies and the loss of life, it's not the right place to be celebrating our 35th reunion."

One of Bush's classmates who says that he won't attend the 35th reunion because of Bush's liberation of Iraq. Quite embarrassing that he is a teacher at my alma mater, but it should be expected.

What a moral dilemma?

Then there is this man, who is apparently not too troubled about the evil administration:

One objector who is coming is the Rev. Randall Fredrikson, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hudson, Wis. Mr. Fredrikson, who opposed the war in Iraq and once served on the staff of former Senator George McGovern, said he was going largely for personal reasons, to accompany the widow of a classmate and to see old friends.

"I'm not the ideologue I used to be, I guess," Mr. Fredrikson said. "I don't know whether it's from getting older or wiser or a little more feeble-minded." As for Mr. Bush, he said, "I'm glad he's trying to mend fences."

Here's Another Bitter One

Do these guys think about what they are saying, or are they only happy if they are protesting anything and everything?

Wall Street supports this war. How do you think it would react if all 30 percent of the country that opposes the war decided one day to dump all of its stock? A self-defeating gesture, to be sure, but we didn’t get to drink the British tea, either. CNN and FOX are making a killing waving a flag for the Pentagon. Why not start boycotting their advertisers one at a time until they pull their spots? Does Dell really want that "Dude, you’re getting a Dell" kid to be turned into a symbol of the war machine on college campuses?

Hell, forget about boycotting just Dell. Boycott everything. If even this minority of the population could go a month without over-consuming, it would give corporate America an aneurysm. Just one month of no new cars, no new hoop shoes, no Atlantic records, no Kellogg’s Fruit Harvest, no nothing but the bare minimum.

For years, corporate America and the media have tried to convince us that buying things is a political act, a way of expressing our individuality (Fruitopia instead of flower power, Nikes sold to the tune of "Revolution," peace signs on the walls of Starbucks). Well, let’s call their bluff. Let’s non-participate. Let’s go on consumer strike. Pull a slowdown. We don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to voting for politicians, but when it comes to buying, where our existence is actually necessary, we have a thousand choices a day. It might be the only method we have of making the decision-making class pay attention to our concerns.

Hell, let’s try something, anyway. Because what we’re doing now is just what they expected?nothing.

I bolded one part - My question goes to what good it would do these freaks to protest so radically that they wreck the country they're living in?

And this earlier part fails because he points to the truth, perhaps inadvertantly:

This little adventure in Iraq wouldn’t even be fun for people like Bush and Rumsfeld unless they could take a break from watching the missile-cam footage from time to time to look out the window and see 500,000 dirty hippies singing "Kumbaya" under the Washington monument. What’s life without a little comic relief?

I realize that "500,000 dirty hippies" is an unfair characterization. But that’s the whole point. That’s all it takes to dismiss 500,000 protesters?a characterization. The big three, CNN and FOX have succeeded in making every antiwar protest look like a gathering of bitter losers with too much time on their hands, and I would be shocked if it weren’t true that every time an earnest, polysyllabic protester made his way onto the air, Bush didn’t gain 10,000 votes for the next election.

This guy fails because he fails to understand the way the world works...Bush and Rumsfeld are working to keep him safe and do not have time to laugh at him and his friends. Unfortunately for this guy, CNN and Fox cannot lie about the idiocy that they portray.

This Guy Wants Your Donations

Not to wreck your week, but go check out this guy. He has a site dedicated to hoping that the Vice President of the United States will die:

Sick bastard.

Some of the discussion on the site is halfway intelligent, a bit above the French, but then there is crap like this:

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I heard a great joke at yesterday's anti-war protests here in Washington, DC:

Question: What do Timothy McVeigh and George W. Bush have in common?

Answer: They're both Christian Fundamentalist Terrorists.

Whoa! Can I get a rimshot, please!

Also, you should know that while we were marching past the Old EOB, I decided to plant a big ole "freedom" kiss on my girlfriend.

I opened my eyes briefly during the kiss and saw Dick Cheney staring at me out the window. Obviously, not dead yet.

This guy is so filled with hate, he would not know truth if it came up and hammered him in the ass. I was trying to think of what it would be like to hope that he got run over by a Ryder truck while protesting, but I could not wish that on him. By the way, no one has explained Nichols' connections to terrorists in the Far East.

Consent of the Governed

Not the French and Russians

Juan Williams tries to slam the Bush Administration, but Woolsey asks him to sit back down.
WILLIAMS: Now, the president has asked that the U.N. sanctions be lifted, and obviously we're getting a lot of feedback from the Russians, the Germans, even the French, on this issue.

The president presented as simply a matter of helping rebuild Iraq. The Germans and others say there are contracts at stake, and the United States is trying to legitimize their occupation.

How do you view it?

WOOLSEY: Well, it's a complicated subject. I basically go with Kanan Makiya, the great Iraqi patriot who has drafted this wonderful 100-page approach toward democratization of Iraq and a new constitution. I think he's been working with the State Department over the course of the last number of months.

He's somewhat suspicious of some of these U.N. motives and some of the countries that are working with the U.N., I think, like France and Russia, and believes that legitimacy is really going to come from the Iraqi people.

And on that, Kanan Makiya is right with Thomas Jefferson: Legitimacy comes from the consent of the governed, I think, not from an international organization.

Certainly there are useful things the U.N. can do in humanitarian relief, but the details of that relationship will be up to the U.S. government and the U.N. in some sort of a negotiated way.

I like what Bush said on this today, as he has on many days in the last couple weeks:

Bush said he wasn't worried that anti-U.S. demonstrations led by religious leaders in Iraq might put a damper on rebuilding efforts. He said it's just one more sign Iraq is on the road to democracy.

"Freedom is beautiful, and when people are free, they express their opinions. And, you know, they couldn't express their opinions before we came. Now they can," Bush said.

"I've always said democracy is going to be hard. It's not easy to go from being enslaved to being free. But it's going to happen, because the basic instincts of mankind is to be free. They want to be free."

And speaking of Pop Goes the Weasel:

The lives of all Iraqis will be better now that former president Saddam Hussein is out of power, President Bush said Sunday, but he warned the Iraqi leader, if alive, to not "pop his head out" of whatever hole he may be hiding in.

Liberal Scum from the Left Coast

Here's the end of it:

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And Dubya is gonna follow exactly in his proud daddy's footsteps! Just you watch! Lose everything and embarrass the nation even further and prove himself to be a miserably dense and out-of-touch leader who's gutted the nation's coffers in the name of his WASP mafia cronies! Ha! Damn liberal scum. Man, were you ever wrong!

...enjoy the rest.

A Long Day and Things Are Still Right

Worked hard around the house today (yesterday), so not much blogging at all...Tomorrow should be much of the same, but the World is still running fine: Acidman tells us why he's not a leftist, and I feel better about life.

* I own every dollar I am paid at work. My money does NOT belong to the government. I never want to hear about how we "can't afford" a tax cut, as if the government deserved that money to begin with. Those pork-slurping gas-bag assholes spend worse than I did today at Wal-Mart. The difference is, I SPENT MY OWN MONEY!!! They are VERY generous when spending other people's money. When they stop voting themselves raises, I'll listen to those asswipes. Fuck them.

That's just one of the 9 gems. Check it out.