Monday, March 17, 2003

If you were not at the DC anti-war, anti-American protests this weekend, Ms. Arnold knows why:

"It's probably true that a large number of Americans are disconnected from politics, because of overwhelming personal or economic problems, or from confusion, distrust, or fear," said Caroline Arnold, chair of the Kent Environmental Council in Kent, Ohio.

"What Bush has done, I think, is to awaken a sleeping giant of conscientious Americans who are not disengaged and not ill informed," Arnold said. "They may be disillusioned, especially after the inconclusive election of 2000 failed to reflect the will of the majority, and many are suspicious of politicians and angry about government failures. Is it a majority? I don't know."

After reading this load of crap, I'll sign off. I am thankful we don't have Gore during these difficult times and I hope you are not as "mis-engaged" and "ill informed" as Ms. Arnold.
Quite an ending with the two cars ground together.

Here's a good outline of the ending:

With four laps remaining, Craven had closed to Busch's rear bumper. He held his ground for two laps and then made a pass for the lead with two to go.

Craven charged through turn one on the high side, pushing Busch down the track and passed him coming out of the turn. But, the No.97 Ford held his ground and came right back to retake the lead as the drivers saw the white flag indicating one lap to go.

Craven gathered his momentum once again and coming into the final turn decide to go to the low side. As the two cars drew even, the drivers slammed into each other, not once, but three times.

"When we came out of (turn) four the wheel snapped out of my hand because I had no power steering," said Busch. "It looked like I turned into him and I grabbed all the wheel I could and turned back to the right. I looked at his 'A' post and it was right with my 'A' post.

The two cars were still side-by-side and starting to spin as the drivers took the checkered flag. After checking the photo at the start/finish line, Craven was declared the winner.

It's hard not to like this kind of competition.

OK, I couldn't resist a little posting while on a much needed break (from work, not blogging).

I did not catch the whole Azores press conference, but Bush's initial remarks did not seem crystal clear on the 24 hour deal, but I understand from the press that it is real. Either something meaningful from the UN on Monday, or a sudden u-turn from Hussein, or the war is on.

I am struck by the opposite pictures we get when talking about the Iraqi people - Will they be cheering on the people who are creating the side benefit of their freedom, or do they hate the U.S. and will be fighting to the last? Sure, there is a mixture, but which one will fade away rapidly? I pray that this goes quickly, with relatively few civilian casualties, and military ones, and I hope all of the secrets and the bad actors are exposed, rooted out and handled.